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Bartercard provides services to Members through both the Internet and customer service staff (Trade Co-ordinators and/or Brokers).

These services include sales, promotion of business network consists of a diverse range of industries including wholesale, retail, community services, mining, construction services, manufacturing, recreation, and tourism.

Aji Kumar Antoine Abdel Sater
Country Manager

Boecker Company has been dealing with Bartercard starting in Lebanon in 2002. It helped us to increase our sales and reduce our expenses and they give us an edge over our competitors.

Due to that excellent service, we joined Bartercard Qatar as soon as we opened our branch there, and we received the same positive result. In UAE as well, we joined Bartercard and we're expecting nothing less that the good quality of service that was provided from Bartercard to our company to different countries.

Thank you for your support.


Looking forward for a brighter future with Bartercard.

Antoine Abdel Sater
Country Manager

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Aji Kumar Aji Kumar
Managing Director
A4M Group of Companies

As Bartercard system has become very popular Trade exchange system in the world, Barter account, Barter payment and Barter transaction has become an essential part nowadays in Modern business structure.

With the collaboration of Bartercard we have explored new dimension in our business. We are able to exchange our Sales and Services, producing Cash Flows for our business in a round about way.

We hope that this is a new start of a new dimension of the business world. Our thanks to Bartercard and our wishes for the growth of Bartercard.


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Gautam Ganglani
Right Selection

  Gautam Ganglani

When Right Selection associated itself with Bartercard, little did we realize the enormous potential and the high power of this “CARD”. What a revelation!

On reflecting back in the current year, we are now beginning to realize how much “Bartercard’ has contributed directly and indirectly to the growth & success of Right Selection in 2007.

Right Selection has definitely secured new clients to attend our business seminars.  Bartercard does give you the competitive edge you are looking for. Besides helping us optimize on the growth potential in our market, it has also brought a big smile to our Finance Department, as we have been able to minimize our costs in various areas of our business. The uniqueness of this concept, whereby services are easily exchanged, has also helped our cash flow in a round about way.   In short, Bartercard is a boon to every company, as it influences different segments of the business in a very positive way.

On a personal level my wife has also used the card extensively and in her opinion it is the best gift and the most valuable card to have in one’s wallet.

I have conveniently used the card on my last trip to Sri Lanka and look forward to using the same in more countries as I travel across the globe.

What more can I say but a big thank you to Bartercard International. Yes, you can count on my wholehearted support at all times.”

Gautam Ganglani

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James Tuckerman James Tuckerman

Founder of Anthill Publications

"In July 2003, Anthill Publications became a Bartercard member.  As a SME business owner, the advantages of Bartercard membership were obvious.  Bartercard generated us additional sales, of which in essence we trade our service to get our new website done, organised our regular client thank-you gifts, all our stationery and even our cleaning services contract on Bartercard.  We also increased our marketing to gain more subscribers and sales, all without it costing us a cent in cash! 

"Because our flagship publication, Australian Anthill, reports on business news, we are aware of the obstacles and opportunities many businesses face every day.  I can therefore confidently say that I believe Bartercard has something to offer all businesses that want to improve their cashflow.   

"Australian Anthill distinguishes itself from other business magazines by taking an irreverent and often 'edgy' approach to business reporting, to reflect the youthful mindset of its readers — entrepreneurs, private company investors and service providers.  While Australian business magazines have traditionally focused on the 'nuts and bolts' of business, Australian Anthill addresses the inspiring thrills, spills, trials and tribulations of commercial enterprise and technology breakthrough.

"We preach what we practice and practice what we preach. We are always looking for new ways to build our business and provide a better service. Bartercard offered us a simple, practical and innovation growth solution."
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 Peter Lindley
 Peter Lindley
Peter Lindley

Owner, Sheldonlea Studios

“Bartercard has helped give me a better lifestyle as well as the ability to fill in the troughs in the business cycle that most businesses experience.

“Being a photographer, I work in different locations and different hours. Using trade for meals and accommodation has meant I can save cash for other parts of the business, such as for wages and tax.

“I enjoy the outstanding support network Bartercard provides through my trade coordinators and the Bartercard staff on the Gold Coast.

“Successful business is all about building relationships and Bartercard has helped me to develop relationships with key opinion leaders people, those who can shape our volume and help support us.

“Bartercard is better than any advertising in terms of yield.

“I would definitely recommend Small to Medium Enterprises to consider Bartercard as a 21st century way to do business as it is thinking outside the square. The company is willing to listen and adapt to members needs.”
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Jodie Ensor Jodie Ensor

Owner, Mud Drum

“I was looking at getting bit of cash flow assistance when I needed for boxes and packaging of our products. I didn’t have the cash at the time but the line of credit on first joining Bartercard enabled me to get something we really needed for the business.

“I didn’t think we could get LPG for our kilns on trade but that is now one major business expense which now gone. I bought my partner two hermit crabs, named Joe and Tonkin for Christmas on Bartercard.

“We have been able to get our products into shops that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Our mud drums are in Cairns, Northern New South Wales, Sydney and Victoria.

“Being a part of the Bartercard network means we can pick up the phone in Western Australia, tell them about our product and they do the legwork in finding use customers. As part of Bartercard, more people are receptive to listen to your sales pitch.

“It didn’t take long before I noticed an increase in turnover in our business. After three months with the help of our new trade broker, who was very proactive. Within six months I noticed business picking up. As a result I entered the Bartercard Kick Start Program and won the state finalist for South Australia.

“I was flown to the Gold Coast and met the Bartercard team who have been so willing to promote my business. It was a great experience.”
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Ken Freer

Ken Freer

Chief Executive Officer, QR Queensland Reds

“Having been a sponsor of the Queensland Reds for 8 years, Bartercard has really helped to nurture and develop both Queensland rugby and our business.

“We are able to use Bartercard Trade Dollars to maintain our office and facilities at Ballymore, all without dipping into our cash reserves! QRU uses trade dollars for carpet cleaning, hygiene services, landscape supplies for the training fields and in the recovery spas that the team use.

“So simple, but wow, what a great way to get ahead without any impact on cashflow!

“In the Queensland Rugby Union, clubs use the trade dollars to improve their cash flow and nurture the raw talent through the club level up to Super 14.

“Bartercard trade dollars help put more back into the game we love here in Queensland.”
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 Dustin Lockett

Dustin Lockett

Sales Manager, IMG
Lexmark Indy 300

“Bartercard has supercharged the Lexmark Indy 300 with huge additional sales and a cashflow boost and has been a tremendous long time supporter of this iconic motorsport event.

“Having marketing access to Bartercard’s substantial network of 23,000 Australian member businesses has returned us over $500,000 in additional ticket sales in the past five years. Bartercard enabled us to trade these ticket sales for important event goods and services without dipping into our cash reserves.

“Bartercard has definitely helped our business. I am sure it can help yours.”
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John Newton
John Newton

John Newton

Owner, Jumping Jay Jays

“I saw a few of my friends living lifestyle beyond their means and the whole restaurant thing. They seemed quite willing to pay for the bill at the end of the night but they were reluctant to give up their secrets. I now know they were members of Bartercard.

“We’ve bought anything and everything on Bartercard. In the first year mostly lifestyle purchases because that was because we didn’t know how to spend the trade dollars properly.

“Now we use trade entirely within the business even our employees are happy to accept Bartercard as part payment and they tend to use for lifestyle purchases. Frankly we can’t get enough of Bartercard and we market that quite strongly.

“We’re also doing more business through Bartercard, not just Trade customers but also cash customers through referrals from our Bartercard customers.

“Bartercard has dramatically helped cash flow in the business. In terms of cash expenditure and Trade Dollar expenditure, there’s not a huge separation both are now equally important to our business.

“Being a member of Bartercard has been a healthy thing for the business. It certainly helps you to become entrepreneurial.”
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