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Businesses can pay all or part of their cash debt to creditors in goods or services.  If your creditor is keen to receive payment, they may be open to accepting goods or services they can use in settlement of the debt. You simply pay the Bartercard supplier on behalf of the creditor in Trade Dirhams and then arrange for delivery of the goods or fulfillment of the service.

Here’s how:
A leather retailer was behind in paying one of her suppliers. To keep her supplier happy, she offered a once-off payment in products or services to the same value. Fortunately the supplier required signage at the time, which they would have had to find the cash for anyway, so they were accepting of her proposal. She coordinated and paid for their signage on trade, in lieu of her outstanding invoice.


You save cash by paying your creditors in goods or services available through the Bartercard system
Your creditor receives payment

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