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Bartercard is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, visitors and members of the public.

Resources commensurate with the priority Bartercard places on workplace health and safety will be made available to comply with all relevant legislation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees.

Bartercard will address risk management and rehabilitation as priorities.

Workplace health and safety is both an individual and shared responsibility of all employees. Bartercard places workplace health and safety on a priority equal to customer service. The following responsibilities are essential to the success of the policy.  

Management is responsible to:

•    Integrate WH&S into all aspects of the workplace;
•    Promote communication about WH&S as a normal component of all aspects of  work;
•    Plan, develop, implement and monitor an WH&S program;
•    Take effective action to provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace;

Employees are responsible to:

•    Work in a healthy and safe manner;
•    Encourage others to work in a healthy and safe manner;
•    Co-operate with, support and promote WH&S in the workplace;
•    Report or rectify any unsafe conditions that come to your attention.

The WH&S committee will:

Work with others with responsibilities for managing WH&S in the workplace.

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