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The Bartercard eMARKETplace delivers an e-commerce plaform to enable members to shop online through the Bartercard global membership network.  The eMARKETplace provides individual  online shop displays without the high expense of running a dedicated company e-commerce platform.

The features of the eMARKETplace include:

A 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' section allowing members to search for business or lifestyle goods and purchase instantly through Bartercard's e-commerce transaction platform.
The opportunity to increase your market reach by advertising your goods to over 55,000 members around the world.
Sellers can make an unlimited number of listings, irrelevant of what goods they are selling.
Every listing has its inventory levels managed and when a shelf is sold out, the seller is reminded to restock.  This increases efficiency and the opportunity for sales as the seller is aware when stock is low.
When you make a sale online, your account is credited straight away, so you can sell in total confidence.
Use the eMARKETplace to make contact with a trader who may be able to assist you with a product or service that they have not listed, but quite possibly deal in.  You can often get additional off-line business this way too.
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