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Since 1991, Bartercard has combined the latest technology and a global network of members to transform the traditional form of simple bartering into a flexible and modern business tool to meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses.  Bartercard enables member businesses to exchange goods and services with other member businesses without using valuable cash, or having to engage in the direct two-way swap of goods and/or services.

Members gain access to a network of other member businesses. Each member is issued an account number, a transaction card, an interest free line of credit and access to Bartercard’s printed and online business directory, offering members a world of trading opportunities.

Members use their Bartercard transaction card to trade anything from stationery to real estate, all facilitated by Bartercard’s global transaction technology. Bartercard operates similar to the common credit and debit card systems, as operated by VISA and MasterCard.

Members earn Bartercard Trade Dirham for the goods and services they sell and this value is recorded electronically in the member’s account database. The Bartercard Trade Dirham is recognised by financial institutions as having the same value as the one Dirham.

This service particularly benefits the world’s largest business sector – small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – which are often faced with fluctuating cashflow, slow sales growth and high business financing rates.

How the Bartercard transaction works:
1. A Bartercard transaction is similar to a credit/debit card transaction.  Members receive a plastic transaction card and an interest-free line of credit.  Monthly statements detail member transactions and Trade Dirhams balance.
2. Trade Dirhams are credited to the member’s Bartercard account upon the sale of goods and services through the exchange.
3. Members use their Bartercard transaction card to spend their credit balance, or draw on their interest-free line of credit, on goods and services from any other Bartercard member.  Trading within the Bartercard system includes a number of transaction methods, such as electronic transactions via the internet, telephone, e-Commerce or by traditional transaction voucher.

In essence…
Bartercard is a strategic business tool that acts as a third party record keeper for global business-to-business trading. It facilitates and monitors all purchases (debits) and sales (credits) undertaken by its members. Bartercard’s credit/debit system functions in the same way the MasterCard and Visa systems deliver service to cash-paying consumers.  No other trade exchange in the world can boast such advanced technological capabilities, trade facilitation or success.

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