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Bartercard’s global trading system enables members to use their Trade Dirhams in various countries throughout the world with ease. Clients can now explore new and profitable alternatives, alternatives they would never have considered or had access to before becoming a Bartercard member.

To pursue excellence in providing outstanding service and support to our clients, every international license has a dedicated contact in each operation. They are available to assist clients to utilise this previously untapped market place.

The International Trade or Travel Co-Ordinator’s role is to promote and stimulate trading between countries with Barterard operations to maximise global trading opportunities for members.  They assist in import and export advice and the promotion of products through correct channels.

Global trading benefits members by:

Creating worldwide import/export opportunities
Pro-actively promoting goods and services worldwide
Providing a secure and streamlined authorisation process
Guaranteeing payment on completion of voucher
Allowing members to travel to any Bartercard operation overseas and use their own plastic card to trade in that country

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