The process of trading is made easy using Bartercard’s member promotional services and trading tools. The promotional services include your personal account manager (also referred to as a Trade Co-ordinator), the printed member business Directory and Bartercard's Internet technology, such as the International Online Directory, eMARKETplace and Online Auction site e-commerce platforms. 

How to earn Trade Dirhams

Bartercard members earn Trade Dirhams by offering their goods or services into the Bartercard network.  When another member purchases their goods or services, their Bartercard account is automatically credited with Trade Dirhams.

Ways to earn Trade Dirhams include:

Selling excess or idle goods or services to other members, whereby Bartercard acts like a clearance house
Accessing Bartercard’s membership base of over 500 UAE businesses and 55,000 businesses globally to sell goods or services
Networking opportunities through Bartercard’s member functions
Selling goods or services at Bartercard’s regular member trade shows

How to spend Trade Dirhams

With the guidance of your personal Bartercard account manager, there are many ways to spend your Bartercard Trade Dirhams to boost your business and lifestyle! Some ideas on items to purchase with your Trade Dirhams include marketing, business travel accommodation, business supplies, gifts, holidays, real estate, the list is extensive.

In addition to the ability to spend Trade Dirhams directly into a member’s account, you can also purchase multi-trade vouchers and gift vouchers. Multi-Trade Vouchers (MTVs) are a simple and fast solution to overcome the hassle of making small purchases within the Bartercard network.  Small value, regularly made purchases, such as couriers, video hire, delicatessens, hotels (drinks), butchers, fruit and vegetables, groceries, take away and dry cleaning, can all be made more efficiently with MTVs.  MTVs are pre-purchased for specific Bartercard member businesses for TDhs20, TDhs50, TDhs100 or TDhs200, and can then be used by the member or their friends and family, at any time to make purchases from the specific member.

Gift certificates allow non-Bartercard members to purchase goods and services using Trade Dirhams they are given by another Bartercard member.  Gift certificates are ideal for Bartercard members to use as promotional prizes, gifts or payment carried out by a non-member.

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