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Barter - delivers business and lifestyle benefits to business owners:
Bartering is experiencing a resurgence
Barter - a historical modern innovation that delivers business and lifestyle benefits to business owners


Bartering, the world's oldest form of trade, is experiencing a resurgence as its value is recognised in the 21st century.

As it was centuries ago, barter is a widely-used method of transacting business - especially among dynamic retailers who recognise the benefits of using Trade Dollars. They realise they can conserve cash flow by using Trade Dollars to cover business or lifestyle expenses, freeing up cash.

Leading the revolution in bartering is Bartercard, which was founded in Australia in 1991 and today has 55,000 members in 15 countries. The greatest benefit Bartercard delivers businesses is that it acts as a credit card that can be paid off with goods and services - not cash.

Bartercard has affiliations with four of Australia's leading banks - the Commonwealth, the NAB, Westpac and St George - facilitating EFTPOS transactions, which can automatically debit and credit Bartercard accounts, simplifying things for business operators and their customers.

Business expenses such as graphic design, signage, printing of brochures and stationery, renovations and cleaning services can all be purchased using Trade Dollars. The array of services and products available through the Bartercard network is enormous.

It is not just business expenses that can be paid for on Bartercard. Small business can be demanding on lifestyle: business owners can conserve their personal cash flow as well by using Trade Dollars for hairdressers, dining out and even travel. They can tap into the Bartercard network to have a holiday without spending a cent in cash. Everything from car hire and accommodation to activities and dining can be paid for with Trade Dollars.

Take Bartercard member Sharyn Cox, who owns and manages the Clarendon Forest Retreat on the New South Wales central coast.

"I have been surprised with what I can use Bartercard for.  My Bartercard is used to pay for building improvements, signage, brochure printing, landscaping and the new pool fence that we had installed at the retreat," Sharyn said. 

Businesses also experience a competitive edge when they are involved in the trade exchange as other members seek to do business with other Bartercard members over cash-only competitors.  This attracts new customers for businesses without affecting cash sales already being generated.

One of the many benefits for members is that businesses can offset their cash expenses by paying for purchases using their own goods or services through the Bartercard network. Therefore they are only paying replacement product costs - effectively delivering themselves a discount to the marked price.

Everyone loves to know that they have a bargain - in this case, for the price of a one-off membership fee, Bartercard provides a cost-effective business model that opens up a number of opportunities for small to medium businesses.

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